Gutter Guard

Many householders think that gutter guard is the solution to their gutter cleaning problems. This is not always the case. Of course we can always install it you definitely want it put in. But normally we will outline the pros and cons so that you can make an informed decision. We install quality gutter guard for householders across the Sydney region.

Gutter Guard Sydney

Reasons to Install Gutter Guard

  • Installing Leaf Guard helps roof debris to slide off easily. It prevents it from falling into the gutter and causing an obstruction to the flow of water to the down-pipe.
  • The holes in the mesh are large enough to allow a good portion of water to run through. Yet they are small enough to keep most of the foliage and debris out.
  • In low to medium fall areas and with the right type of foliage they can be an effective solution to gutters that fill easily. In the long run you are saved the cost and hassle of having them cleaned regularly.

Reasons not to Install Leaf Guard

  • In areas with heavy foliage, the leaf guard may become overwhelmed by sheer volume of leaves and they may just sit on top forming a covering layer.
  • If the leaves and debris cannot slide off, the layer may eventually harden into a crust preventing any water from going through and it will just run off the surface and onto the ground.
  • Certain types of trees and foliage produce fall that decomposes while sitting on leaf guard surface. Once decomposed, this then slips through the webbing and into the gutter anyway.
  • If we feel that any of the above may happen, we will advise against installation. We will be honest and up front with you.
  • In fact 90% of homes do better without Leaf Guard.

Types of Gutter Guard

  • You can opt for metal with small holes in the top to let the water flow in. Metal gutter guard is expensive as it takes a lot of time to install as well as drilling in screws and cutting it to shape.
  • Plastic gutter guard is easier as it can be cut to shape with simple tools. It is cheap and easy to produce too.

How much does Leaf Guard Cost?

  • To install leaf Guard costs about two or three times the price of a gutter clean. The price includes both the material and installation. This price is for plastic, removable guard.
  • We do not install permanent metal leaf guard as it is expensive and often impractical to maintain.
  • If you require any gutter repairs in Sydney then this is can be a good time to also install gutter guard.
  • If you want to install your own gutter guard you will need to have clean gutters first.