Gutter Guard

Should I Install Gutter Guard?

Gutter Downpipe GuardThat depends on a number of factors. We can install Gutter Guard at your request. First, though we will normally discuss with you the pros and cons of installing gutter guard so that you can make an informed decision. Many householders automatically think that it is solution to their gutter cleaning problems. This is not necessarily the case. Consider the following:

Reasons to Install Gutter Guard

Gutter Guard DiagramInstalling Leaf Guard as shown in the above picture helps roof debris slide off. This way it does not fall into the gutter and cause blockage. The netting is loose enough to allow most of the water in. In low to medium fall areas and with the right type of foliage they can be an effective solution to gutters that fill easily. In the long run you are saved the cost and hassle of having them cleaned regularly.


Reasons not to Install Leaf Guard

Often we do not recommend the installation of leaf guard. In heavy fall areas, the gutter guard may become overwhelmed and covered over rather quickly. If it is too heavily covered then it may not be able to slide off. If the leaf guard is covered, then water from the roof will not be able to flow into the gutter. Also certain types of trees and foliage produce fall that decomposes while sitting on the gutter guard surfaces. Once decomposed, this then slips through the webbing and into the gutter anyway. If we think this will be the case, we will not advise its installation. We will be honest and up front with you. In fact 90% of homes do better without Leaf Guard. We will explain our recommendations thoroughly to you.

Types of Gutter Guard

There are many types of gutter guard. You can opt for metal with small holes in the top to let the water flow in. Metal gutter guard is expensive as it takes a lot of time to install as well as drilling in screws and cutting it to shape. Plastic gutter guard is easier as it can be cut to shape. It is cheap and easy to produce too.

How much does Gutter Guard Cost?

To install Gutter Guard costs about two or three times the price of a gutter clean. The price includes both the material and installation. This price is for plastic, removable gutter guard. We do not install permanent metal gutter guard. If you require any gutter repairs then this is can be a good time to also install gutter guard.

We are usually quick to respond because we live locally in the Sydney Eastern Suburbs. We also service the Sydney Inner West area. If you want to install your own gutter guard you will need to have clean gutters first. You may want to clean them yourself. Or we can clean them for you.


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