Gutter Repairs

Do you actually need gutter repairs? Well if there is nothing visibly wrong then they may simply need a good clean out. if there is still a leak after your finished with your gutter cleaning, then yes a repair may be needed.

Why have your Gutters Repaired?

  • It may not be fulfilling its purpose of gathering roof water and channeling it down the down-pipe.
  • It could be causing water leakage into your roof space.
  • Any loose fitting gutters may be a safety hazard as they could drop and injure someone.
  • Aesthetically displeasing.
  • The roof is a very important part of a house as it protects everything underneath.
Gutter Installation Sydney Eastern Suburbs

Sometimes only the brackets will need replacing. Typically this is a simple process and not very expensive. However, warped, twisted or corroded gutters will need replacement. Installing gutter guard may be a good idea when getting all this work done.

Roof Repairs

A leaking roof is one of the worst things that can happen to your property. This is because once water gets into the ceiling space it will cause untold damage. Any water is a serious problem because it can affect the entire structure of the home. And anything made of certain types of wood or plasterboard will be prone to rot and warp. Not to mention electrical systems among other things.

Gutters Repairs Sydney Eastern Suburbs

Why Does Water Get into My House?

  • If the gutters are overfull, then it will cause water to back up and flow into the ceiling space
  • Blocked down-pipes will cause the same thing to happen
  • Cracked ceramic roof tiles will let water to leak inside the roof
  • Cracked or degraded roof cement which binds the ridging to the tiles will let water pass inside
  • A Valley which has rusted or corroded will let water in through any new holes that have formed
  • Metal flashing which has come loose no longer work as a barrier
Roof tiles and gutter

How Do We Fix Your Leaking Roof Tile?

  • To fix a cracked tile, we can simply identify it (some cracks are subtle) and replace it if you have a spare.
  • We can use silicon to thoroughly seal up the existing cracked tile.
  • Metal flashing can be used to fill in any gaps where there is no tile in place.

Types of Gutters

Gutter Shapes

  • Half round – these are like a half round pipe
  • K style gutters – these are shaped decoratively at the front and they have flat bottom and back
  • Box Gutters – these a square shape and have a large catchment down spout

Gutter Materials

  • Aluminum
  • Copper
  • Zinc
  • Stainless Steel
  • Vinyl

Getting your gutters cleaned before any repairs is a good idea. So give us a call. Or for DIY help, check out our how to guide.

We have much experience in gutter repairs and roof maintenance. So our team will be able to help you to diagnose faults and leaks in your gutter system. If you would like a local service, we are based in the Sydney Eastern Suburbs.